Ko Tātou Tēnei


Our rohe is located in the eastern Bay of Plenty extending eastwards from Maraetotara, just west of Ohiwa Harbour through to Opape along the coastline, and inland to Matawai. The heartbeat and Capital of our rohe is our beautiful town of Ōpōtiki.

Te Rohe o Te Whakatōhea

The traditional lands of Whakatōhea as described by Hoeroa Horokai and Heremia Hoera:

Commencing at Pākihi, at the mouth of the river along the sea coast to the mouth of the Waiōtahe Stream to the mouth of the Ōhiwa Harbour to Te Horo (a hill), then turning inland southwards to Puhikoko (a hill) to Pukemoremore (a hill);

then to Māpouriki (a hill), at one time a fighting pā. Then descending to Waimana Stream; following the Waimana Stream toward its source at Tautautahi along the banks to the mouth of the Pārau Stream;

then following Pārau Stream to Tangata-e-roha (a hill) on to Kaharoa (an old settlement); from Kaharoa to Pā Harakeke, a ridge leading towards Maungapohatu [to Te Ranga Kapua], then to Maungatāpere descending into the Motu river to Kaitaura falls to Peketutu (a rock); leaving the river and up a ridge to Whakararonga; following the hill tops until it reaches Tipi O Houmea (a peak) descending towards Makomako (a hill) till it crosses Takaputahi Stream to Ngaupokotangata (a mountain) following the ridge to Kamakama; along the ridge to Oroi then turning seawards to Te Rangi on the seacoast; then along the sea coast to the mouth of the Ōpape Stream to Awahou Stream to Tirohanga and back to Pākihi.

(Jones, 1920 – Simms Commission Report; Boundaries given by Hoeroa Horokai and Heremia Hoera)

Whakatōhea Hapū

Ngai Tamahaua
Ngāti Ira
Ngāti Ngahere
Ngāti Patumoana
Ngāti Ruatākena
Te Ūpokorehe

Marae and Hapū


Kō Tarakeha te maunga Kō Opepe te awa Kō Opape te marae Kō Muriwai te whare tipuna Kō Tapairu te wharekai Kō Ngai Tamahaua te hapū


Kō Mātiti te maunga Kō Waioweka te awa Kō Ōpeke te marae Kō Irapuaia te whare tipuna Kō Te Kurapare te whare kai Kō Ngāti Irapuaia te hapū


Kō Maungarangi te maunga Kō Otara te awa Kō Terere te marae Kō Te Iringa te whare tipuna Kō Whiripare te wharekai Kō Ngāti Ngahere te hapū


Kō Mākeo te maunga Kō Waiaua te awa Kō Waiaua te marae Kō Ruamoko te whare tipuna Kō Te Puritanga te whare kai Kō Ngāti Patumoana te hapū


Kō Mākeo te maunga Kō Waiaua te awa Kō Omarumutu te marae Kō Tutāmure te whare tipuna Kō Hine-i-Kauia te wharekai Kō Ngāti Ruatakena te hapū


Kō Tirotirowhitu te maunga Kō Kakaho te awa Kō Kutarere te marae Kō Te-Poho-o-Tamaterangi te whare tipuna Kō Ani-i-waho te wharekai Kō Upokorehe te hapū


Kō Pukenui-o-raho te maunga Kō Waiotahe te awa Kō Maromahue te marae Kō Te Poho o Kahungunui te whare tipuna Kō Pouwharekura te wharekai Kō Upokorehe te hapū


Kō Hiwarau te maunga Kō Te Karaka te awa Kō Tairongo te moana Kō Roimata te marae Kō te Ao Marama te whare tipuna Kō Te umutao Noa a Tairongo te wharekai Kō Upokorehe te hapū

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